Provides access to MongoDB servers, collections, documents, indexes, and users.

Detailed Description

The Mongo provider for Windows PowerShell lets you work with MongoDB databases from your PowerShell session.
The provider exposes a Windows PowerShell drive with a directory structure that corresponds to your MongoDB server databases, collections, and documents.

Directory Hierarchy

The directory hierarchy of the Mongo provider is outlined below. Items listed [in brackets] represent variable content that will change based on your database content.
      --- [Database]\
      ------------- [Collection]\
      ------------------------- [Document]\
      ------------------------- [Index]\
      ------------- [User]\

Custom Provider Help

Custom help is available for most item cmdlets in the Mongo Provider hierarchy. To get help for an item cmdlet as it applies to a specific location, pass the location to the -path parameter of get-help. For example:
get-help new-item -path mongo:/MyDB/MyColl
You can also change the current location to the area of interest on the dte: drive and invoke get-help for the cmdlet in question:
    c:\>set-location mongo:\MyDB\MyColl
    mongo:\MyDB\MyColl>get-help new-item

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