This project is read-only.
General documentation is available from the module using the get-help cmdlet:

get-help about_Mongo

Provider documentation, including example code, is available by typing:

get-help Mongo

Extended online examples are available on the Examples page.

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MartyMcFlaye Feb 1, 2017 at 11:22 AM 
This project seems very interesting.
Does it support MONGODB-CR authMecanism ?
Does it support replicaSet ?

I tried on my 3.0.8 MongoDB server with MONGODB-CR authentification & replicatSet, i'm able to parse all databases from my MongoDB instance but when I try to list all collections from one of my databases (except admin databases) it shows an error "authentification faild for [myLogin]".
But this login is able to everything on the instance when i'm using robomongo... Is that normal?